Here is what our clients are saying

Gary is undeniably the right PR partner for our company.  He’s exceeded our expectations every time.  Regardless of the time pressure or ever changing information, Gary has been able to get our company’s story into the media spotlight at the right time, with the right information, and artfully crafted.  Thank you Gary!

Gary’s professional approach to PR makes him a huge asset to our annual Walk to End Hunger.  His deep relationships with local media outlets ensure coverage we wouldn’t get otherwise.  He is incredibly responsive, kind, supportive and great to work with.  I can’t recommend him highly enough.

I met Gary when searching for PR when working with Morton’s Steakhouse. He was the perfect fit. We continued with his firm when moving to The Capital Grille, and continued again when opening our own restaurant. We feel much of our success is due to Gary’s knowledge of the restaurant business  and connections to local media and key community members. Our relationship has grown into a friendship, and I trust Gary to make decisions and provide advice as I would a business partner. We are looking forward to many more years. Thank you Gary!

I can’t give Gary Young Ink high enough marks!  It takes a combination of strategic smarts and heads down effort to succeed in public relations, and nobody combines the two better than Gary.  His work has helped us propel our business into the spotlight. Our executive team and the media love him because he’s responsive,  knows how to apply the right amount of pressure to meet deadlines and is never too aggressive with his pitches. I will choose Gary Young Ink again and again, no matter where my career takes me, because he’s that good, and I love working with him.  In fact, I nicknamed Gary “#1” because he’s my #1 go-to guy.

With his knowledge and industry relationships, Gary was able to make magic happen with every project we sent his way.  His ability to be strategic, creative, understand our needs, source opportunities and manage challenges is amazing and very hard to find in other PR consulting groups.  Without a doubt, we will use Gary for all of our needs.

I started working with Gary in the fall of 2007 when we were just starting Clearfield – today, now generating annual revenues in excess of $60 million. We are still working with Gary. Why? Because Gary not only “gets” what our value proposition is, but he can immediately relay it to our prospective communities in a targeted and bold manner that gets results.

Gary Young is the real deal.  We have been so honored to have him on our team to promote events that attract and inspire the general public.  Very often, we call on Gary to  publicize well established and much loved events that don’t really offer true “news” opportunities.  Gary challenges us to create new content and program offerings that not only are interesting to the media, but also improve our events.

Gary has the contacts, wisdom and insight that generate quality and quantity when it comes to media coverage for our events.  He’s nimble and flexible, anticipates deadlines and provides stress-free PR support, and working with him is a true joy.

We highly recommend Gary Young!

When pigs fly you say…obviously you have never worked with Gary Young to put you in the spotlight, limelight and skylights. All one has to do is look to the skies and ask –“Is it a bird? Is it a plane?” No it’s pigs flying high in the sky propelled by Gary Young’s creative and uncanny ability to have people take notice and move into action. When you want the world to know, when you want the word out, people listen when Gary Young Ink is involved. Gary is well respected in the media world, cyber world and with face to face contact.

I have worked with Gary Young Ink for many years and on many events from the Minnesota Twins, Boys and Girls Clubs, special promotions for special restaurant events, Morton’s The Steakhouse, and The Capital Grille. Never have we had the exposure and results on our own that we have had when Gary launches Pigasus. The possibilities will astound you. Pigs do fly!

Gary is one of the best public relations professionals I have worked with — he is creative,  proactive and strategic. Gary is well connected and respected in the news media community. He has secured our organization a variety of opportunities and venues to share our mission and drive results. Gary is an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him!

Public relations occupies a special part of the marketing communication mix.  It often has to bridge the gap between “tell and sell.” This requires that it have a certain believable objectivity in addition to creativity.  This special characteristic takes a special type of public relations professional.   It takes someone who brings skill, wisdom, innovation and character to the table.  I’ve worked with Gary for over 25 years and can enthusiastically attest to the fact that he fills that bill.  And he is terrific to work with!